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Mitral Valve Repair

Percutaneous Valvotomy (also called valvuloplasty) is performed in many patients to treat mitral valve and pulmonic valve stenosis (narrowing of the valve). Percutaneous valvotomy may also be performed in carefully selected patients to treat stenosis of the aortic valve.

During mitral valvotomy, a catheter is placed through the femoral vein (in the groin) and guided into the chambers of the heart. The cardiologist then creates a tiny hole in the wall between the heart’s two upper chambers. This hole provides an opening for the cardiologist to access the left atrium with a special catheter that has a balloon at the tip.

The catheter is positioned so the balloon tip is directly inside the narrowed mitral valve. The valve opening is widened by rapidly inflating and deflating the balloon. Once the cardiologist has determined that the opening has been widened sufficiently, the balloon is deflated and removed.

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