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Health Plans, IPA’s and Medical Groups Accepted by Centinela Hospital

Centinela Hospital is proud to be able to provide a wide variety of health plans, IPA’s and medical groups to our patients. Please click on the link below to review the current list. Come back often as this list is updated regularly.

Forging Effective Health Plan Partnership for Enhanced Healthcare Delivery

Centinela Hospital Medical center is on a mission to provide the best healthcare quality coverage to all its patients. To achieve this, the hospital has implemented a multitude of advanced medical technologies and systems supported by a variety of health plans to suit patients’ needs. Patients will find that their insurance providers cover many healthcare services at Centinela Hospital, such as primary care, acute care and preventative care.

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Among the long list of health plans offered are Access Medical Group, LA Care Health Plan, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, Cigna, Healthnet, and Corvel Healthcare Corp. Care members will be able to receive care at in-network benefit levels from Centinela Hospital Medical Center seamlessly. All plan providers will work with patients for out-of-network services to ensure care continuity regardless of their insurance coverage.

In 2013, Centinela Hospital Medical center partnered with LA Care Health Plan to expand its relationship with patients in the Los Angeles County Area. The partnership aims to give patients access to high-quality healthcare at affordable rates. LA Care Health Plan covers various medical services for Centinela Hospital’s patients, including outpatient surgery, inpatient hospitalization and routine office visits. This health plan also subsidizes the cost of specialized medical services, including orthopedics, cardiology, radiology and oncology procedures.

Centinela Hospital Medical Center continues to develop new programs through innovative partnerships to provide effective healthcare coverage to residents in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Driving Better Value For Care

At Centinela Hospital Medical Center, our care providers have worked hard to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for our patients. Our hospital has been nationally recognized for its efforts in patient satisfaction. Among the long list of undertakings to make our healthcare facility patient-centric, our partnerships with health plans play a vital role. Here are a few of the ways that health plan partners make it possible for Centinela to offer quality care for our members and patients:

#1 Our healthcare facility supports our health plan partners by working with them to improve care and outcomes for their members.

#2 Health Plan Partners’ membership numbers allow us to leverage limited-access technologies to offer our patients the newest treatment options and technologies.

#3) Health plan partners play a crucial role in funding research and developing new treatments and procedures that improve patient care and reduce health care costs.