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Critical Care Services

Centinela Hosptial’s Critical Care Services Unit provides constant complex health care for various acute life-threatening conditions for medical, coronary and surgical patients. Our Critical Care Units are staffed with highly trained and qualified Board Certified intensive care physicians, registered nurses, technicians and support staff. We have a wide range of advanced monitoring and resuscitation equipment in each unit and will provide you with prompt, high quality medical care. Our staff work collaboratively with your primary care physician to determine the best treatment options and make arrangements for appropriate follow up care.

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The critical care physicians of Centinela Hospital Medical Center are based at the hospital full-time and make rounds according to patient needs. Doctors are always available when you need them and can provide prompt care and scheduling of tests and treatments.

The high level of care that we provide directly results in better patient outcomes. Patients who enter into our Emergency Department with blocked arteries are immediately sent to our Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) and have the restoration of the flow of blood to their heart within 90 minutes after the first contact with paramedics. This meets or exceeds ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) guidelines for heart attack patients established by the American Medical Association.

The hospital currently has: